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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So here's the story. We've been friends before. and we meet at school and we don't even talk to each other cause I we didn't know each other at all. All we do is pass by without a smile or even saying HI. i get to know him from facebook hihi. facebook is always the place lol haha. we chat,we wall,that he didn't know how I feel till now. Idk whether he's still with his girlfriend or not. I miss him right now and that's the hardest feeling ever. fuck that feelings off man! u know what? i think,i shouldn't have a boyfriend. i think i have to focus on my studies. i am way younger. letting someone go isn't hard aite? but,we have to do it. "love something?let it go. when it comes back to you,it'll be yours"(it's just a quote that i ever read before hehe). and i guess i have to forget him. my mind says 'Come on,Aliza. You need to be focus with yr studies. No boyfriend' and my heart says 'Be with him,chat him. It'll make you happy'. lol I think my mind told me the right thing. I have to let go of him. Seeing people happy makes me happy too. -Aliza-

rained @ 6:16 AM