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Saturday, December 3, 2011

I can feel that these holidays were getting bored. Cause my dad's not here. he'll be back from africa at 15 december and then to khartoum,doha,kualalumpur,kch and on 17th arrive at Miri. My mom an I gonna fetch him at the airport. I cant wait. I miss dady for one month. maybe on 20th december we'll be going to our village. spending our times there. yahoooooooooo! meet my cousins,meet my grandpa. i wish my grandma was still alive so we can have fun together:( but,its okay. God love her more. nextyr,i'm gonna be in form3. hm,times pass so fast and we cant turn back the time. i'm gonna sit for the pmr nextyr. omgies i have to study hard. less internet,less handphones,less hanging out with friends but more to books. luckily,i got no boyfriend bhaha otherwise,i cant focus on my studies. maybe one day. hmm,we'll think about it later. from time2time i make many new friends. i mean new great friends! if it's not raining tmrw,my mom and i will go to the church early in da morning. its been a long time i didnt go to church. hehehe. talking about my tragus ear piercing. i dont feel anything now. i didnt even feel any pain. i wanted to change the pierc but i was afraid to open it hehe. i love it by the way. plan to make the left ear nextyear,maybe on the end of the yr. nothing again. bye takecare,loveyapeople:)

rained @ 6:49 AM