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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let's talk about Crushes:)

I dont know why suddenly this feeling get into me. I knew him last year cause we're in the same school. But,i felt weird because the first time I saw him,I didnt feel anything at all. I just walk with my friends and we talk bla bla bla. I'm not sure if my Mrhandsome knows this. I also dont know whether he knows that I'm in the same school with him or not. He got an ex before that was my friend,not so close. and i think he still love his ex. Sorry,I'm not gonna mention the name. It's only me and ma friends and my cousin know this. Cause I trust them. Seriously,I stalk his facebook everyday to see his cute pictures. I stares at the photo about 10seconds haha I'm kidding. He's simple,he's hot. I dont know until when will I keep this secret and I'm not gonna tell him about my feelings towards him cause I'm shy. I think hot girls deserves him better. I'm not hot as the other girls. I'm just me. I'm not that cute and Mrhandsome,i hope you read this.

-with love,Aliza-

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