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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ola peeps! I'm packing my stuffs now tomorrow to kuchng. checkin airport at 330 arrive at kch 430. i cant wait i wanted to go to PantaiDamai. So we'll be staying at PullmanHotel there. And tmrw will gonna be our last day of our exam. Kh&Moral babe. I cant wait fr the bag i ordered. The item was post in the counter already. Sucha cool bag,man! I get angry of my old brother. He took off the memory card in my dslr. Omgies! But its okay. I'll meet him again tmrw. So im gonna meet my cousins there. Ok I got to go. Thats all for today. Lots of love,Marai:) Byee

rained @ 4:55 AM