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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So sunyi ini rumah. Dady dah pergi kerja. Cousin pun takda. Abg,mumy jak ley tinggal di rumah with me. I'm so bored. Mau jalan pun malas. Bazir duit. Asal pergi pasar jak,'OMG!I WANNA BUY THIS,I WANNA BUY THAT'.Duit nadai mau beli brg bodoh. Time sekolah mmg best jumpa ramai kwn but the most lazy thing I've ever do is waking up in the morning. Sucks! Aku tak prnah bt alarm clock sndiri. My alarm clock is ofcourse my mumy ku yg tercinta. Plan now wanna buy a skateboard. Feels like wanna learn skating. Its bored to learn piano&open the maths book all the time. ergh! but,syg bah tgok duit. my dad said 'where do you want to play skateboard?' and I answered 'outside house' and he answered 'it's dangerous'. So,gotta buy a new TABUNG. hihihi but I dont knw how to keep money. I always minta-minta money dekat dady. But,i wanna learn hidup standing on my own feet. means that,berdikari. so i guess i have to learn from now. bye!

rained @ 4:18 AM