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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Sony 290L that i wanna buy.

so heres my story. ysterday,I chat with my dad in fb. Then I told him to buy me a dslr. then he asked me how much. i told him its around 1000 plus. and he gave me a choice whether a treadmill or a dslr. and i was confuse. i thought of choosing dslr. cause thats what i live for. its my ambition. so i go for dslr wait until my dad arrive at miri from africa. and i cant wait. and on the month of October,31st october we'll be going to kch idontknow maybe pkai flight. my dady terima award. actually its at kuala lumpur but they canceled it. my dad wanna book a flight on 31st of october but its full. so we go for 29th hehe. i cant wait i hope i'll get my dslr oready. and great news again. my brother convocation. the letter came to our house jst now. but i dont know when is it. i think its at kch. wuu i cant wait. btw,congrats brother austin. you rock\m/

rained @ 12:39 AM