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Friday, May 27, 2011

Gawai is coming soon,babe. Really cant wait for it. But,this year we're late. Wait for my dad to come on the 30th. So maybe we'll go to Bintulu on 30th and to Betong on 31st. My dad arrive here at 3 O'clock on the 30th. After that,shopping! Need to buy some clothes. Doesnt matter what I use. Decided to buy an Esprit brand. idk how to tell you all how is it looks like. Its a cardigan,not so. Its a tshirt,not so. Haha. We'll be five in our Triton car. Me,two brothers,mum&dad. My dad will drive until betong. But,we need to stop at Bintulu first. My eldest brother gonna drive for my cousin at Bintulu to Betong cause she cant drive too far. So,my eldest brother will drive my cousins car,Rav4. On the 4th of Jun,its my cousins wedding at the village. Really cant wait. Happy. At the same time,nervous. Cause I'm gonna be the bridemaid. totally Embrassing! Will dress up with the iban costume. Haha,I wonder how will I look like. hmm. I'm sad cause I cant use my braces on this Gawai. Gawai rushing. so no time. maybe after gawai.cant wait! aiyo. evrything have to wait&wait&wait. Nothing will Punctually come like a flight. Nextweek,no tuition,no piano class&no school. Cool haa? Byebye friends&Miri,will miss you all damn much. Thats all for today. Happygawai. dont drink too much,not good for your brain also your body. I rock but I dont drink alcohols. Life is more easier without alcohol. Goodbye and it will be a long time to off the blogger&facebook. GodBlessYouAll!:)

rained @ 10:29 PM