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Monday, March 14, 2011

okay . Lets make something diffrent today . i am changing the way i'm typing . this is not the usual na'ah ! i'm trying something different haha . i'm changing it only for today . its me! Love something new . okay;) so here's the story . just now, I login my facebook and suddenly I saw a girl name Arminie Jasnie . so, I open up . I scroll down her profile and maybe there's something amazing . you know what ? she is trying to follow me . on the last month if i'm not mistaken , I saw her blog (blog walking) , I scroll down to read her posts . ohmaiGod . this girl really needs someone to hate her . she copied the whole thing in my blog . and now, she is trying to copy my basicinformation in the facebook . why ? i think she likes me but this is not the way . trying to copy me ? urgh ! do you think I love the way you do ? na'ah! if she like me she can inbox me or add me as her friend and I can be her friend oh now I really hate her . pissedofffff! okay;) thats all byebye.

rained @ 8:55 AM