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Monday, March 14, 2011

ada nampak itu kaki? thats my toes.hoho SCARY! and my nails stuffs lah.
ada gik but I titak amik gmbar. lain kalik ah.

mytop straps.actually,theres more than this.

ohmaiGod. ihate the pink one.but,apakan daya.I dah telanjur beli haha So ucak!
the bottom one is my favourite beg time kecik2 dulu hua3.
the pink beg:RM 29.00
Lulu's beg:RM 20+ somthin;)

my favourite primaryschool beg.
RM 30+

purple. Favourite!
RM 35.00

i never use this beg oh Seriuosly. beli jak.
forget the price oready.

tokidoki beg;)
RM 20+

the most expensive beg that I have.
brown beg/backpack:RM89.00
tous beg:RM 80+

Wedgers and high heel. tok lah nok kamek paling suka.
wedger:RM 35.00
high heels:RM98.00

my shaggy slippers;)
RM 16.00 each = RM32.00

my hair bands.


untuk gelung rambut wei;)

buttons utk hiasan bilik.

rings.haha;D original pun oke?

make-ups.for Function or Party only.

various colours of eyeliners.
RM 20+ sumthin haha.but waterproof punya ma.

me likeyyy;)RM35.00 LOL.non-original.

hello;)Thanks!tunggu me ambik gmbar2 dresses gik k?;)
byebye muahhmuahhh.

rained @ 7:04 AM