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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

wei.kenapa u pandai pandai buat cerita.Arthur?which arthur,where,when,why and how?i keep on asking myself siapakah dalang semua cerita ini Pakahh.sejak last year,orang salu buat saya ini macam. Hairan baaa.why do u all have to hate me?I never hate youuu! OMG,this situation makes me feel round and round.I'M DRUNK! ihateit.Arthur,Form3?Mr.A?I like him?I'm his fan?.okk,let me tell u,I know Arthur,Form3.but,since when I like him? what the hell is goin on here bebeh.I never like him or love him or be one of his fan. pepek benaa ehh.if i know who made up this story,rasa mok tampaaa jak.but,i still have KESABARAN.I still believe in God.I'm not like the other people who made up a decision and main lantak jak.

I just want u to be honest.I appreciate it.Thank u;)

rained @ 2:43 AM