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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hallo everyone. So how's your day? Mine was great as usual. Well,the same thing everyday,lazy to wake up early in the morning. Hm.. So we got our exam papers already for maths,science and english. It was very disappointing to see my science paper. i'm not gonna say the marks cause it's totally embarrassing me and also you yourself lol. I don't failed,I just hate it ok! English was fine cause i do really love English. well,maybe I'm not that clever but at least I've tried to answer all the questions. I never leave my paper blank. who knows maybe I can get it correct for the method,for maths usually. for section A English,we have to talk about Mother Theresa. LOL idk she's dead hahaha and Miss Josclyn put a comment there 'DID YOU KNOW THAT MOTHER THERESA PASSED AWAY?' lol i was laughing my ass off hahaha. ok that's all for my school story today. thanks for reading.


rained @ 10:01 AM

Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's me. I look like a monkey. Well,almost harharhar. Look at my hair,stupidity.

I'm holding a chessy wedges. Yum yumm:3

Paggie,Doreen and I were having signature hot chocolate with caramel and betty was having her chocolate cream chip. heeeee:)

Me and Betty! Friends since Primary 1.

Meet the naughty Doreen and the crazy frog,Paggie hahahar.

So that's our pictures. Got a lot of it. Uploaded in fbook. Take a look of our photos hihihih. We are young ok? We spend most of our time online and talk bout fashions rather than talking about books. and talk about boys but we don't have boyfriend. cause that's our rule. well,Betty got a boyfriend,doesn't matter as long as the boy take care of him. If not,I'll punch of his face.


rained @ 10:27 AM

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So here's the story. We've been friends before. and we meet at school and we don't even talk to each other cause I we didn't know each other at all. All we do is pass by without a smile or even saying HI. i get to know him from facebook hihi. facebook is always the place lol haha. we chat,we wall,that he didn't know how I feel till now. Idk whether he's still with his girlfriend or not. I miss him right now and that's the hardest feeling ever. fuck that feelings off man! u know what? i think,i shouldn't have a boyfriend. i think i have to focus on my studies. i am way younger. letting someone go isn't hard aite? but,we have to do it. "love something?let it go. when it comes back to you,it'll be yours"(it's just a quote that i ever read before hehe). and i guess i have to forget him. my mind says 'Come on,Aliza. You need to be focus with yr studies. No boyfriend' and my heart says 'Be with him,chat him. It'll make you happy'. lol I think my mind told me the right thing. I have to let go of him. Seeing people happy makes me happy too. -Aliza-

rained @ 6:16 AM

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I can feel that these holidays were getting bored. Cause my dad's not here. he'll be back from africa at 15 december and then to khartoum,doha,kualalumpur,kch and on 17th arrive at Miri. My mom an I gonna fetch him at the airport. I cant wait. I miss dady for one month. maybe on 20th december we'll be going to our village. spending our times there. yahoooooooooo! meet my cousins,meet my grandpa. i wish my grandma was still alive so we can have fun together:( but,its okay. God love her more. nextyr,i'm gonna be in form3. hm,times pass so fast and we cant turn back the time. i'm gonna sit for the pmr nextyr. omgies i have to study hard. less internet,less handphones,less hanging out with friends but more to books. luckily,i got no boyfriend bhaha otherwise,i cant focus on my studies. maybe one day. hmm,we'll think about it later. from time2time i make many new friends. i mean new great friends! if it's not raining tmrw,my mom and i will go to the church early in da morning. its been a long time i didnt go to church. hehehe. talking about my tragus ear piercing. i dont feel anything now. i didnt even feel any pain. i wanted to change the pierc but i was afraid to open it hehe. i love it by the way. plan to make the left ear nextyear,maybe on the end of the yr. nothing again. bye takecare,loveyapeople:)

rained @ 6:49 AM

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hari ku harus dipenuhi dengan kehadiranmu
Sayangku fikiranku hanya dipenuhi dengan senyumanmu
Alangkah indah jika dirimu sentiasa disisiku
Sayangku berikanku hanya satu hanya satu lagu

Hari ku harus dipenuhi dengan kemanjaanmu
Cintaku fikiranku hanya dipenuhi dengan suaramu
Alangkah indah jika dirimu sentiasa disisiku
Sayangku berikanku hanya satu hanya satu lagu

Alangkah indah jika dirimu sentiasa disisiku
Sayangku berikanku hanya satu hanya satu lagu

rained @ 11:49 PM

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let's talk about Crushes:)

I dont know why suddenly this feeling get into me. I knew him last year cause we're in the same school. But,i felt weird because the first time I saw him,I didnt feel anything at all. I just walk with my friends and we talk bla bla bla. I'm not sure if my Mrhandsome knows this. I also dont know whether he knows that I'm in the same school with him or not. He got an ex before that was my friend,not so close. and i think he still love his ex. Sorry,I'm not gonna mention the name. It's only me and ma friends and my cousin know this. Cause I trust them. Seriously,I stalk his facebook everyday to see his cute pictures. I stares at the photo about 10seconds haha I'm kidding. He's simple,he's hot. I dont know until when will I keep this secret and I'm not gonna tell him about my feelings towards him cause I'm shy. I think hot girls deserves him better. I'm not hot as the other girls. I'm just me. I'm not that cute and Mrhandsome,i hope you read this.

-with love,Aliza-

rained @ 8:03 AM

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ola peeps! I'm packing my stuffs now tomorrow to kuchng. checkin airport at 330 arrive at kch 430. i cant wait i wanted to go to PantaiDamai. So we'll be staying at PullmanHotel there. And tmrw will gonna be our last day of our exam. Kh&Moral babe. I cant wait fr the bag i ordered. The item was post in the counter already. Sucha cool bag,man! I get angry of my old brother. He took off the memory card in my dslr. Omgies! But its okay. I'll meet him again tmrw. So im gonna meet my cousins there. Ok I got to go. Thats all for today. Lots of love,Marai:) Byee

rained @ 4:55 AM